R.I.P Sinead O’Connor 1966-2023

“I’m still trying to take in the tragic news about Sinead. I got to know her a little bit when I lived in Ireland and we would bump into each other at gigs and on the scene. We both knew the Chieftains and appeared on one of their albums. She sang a haunting version of She Moved Through The Fair – one of my favourite songs and her rendition has to be one of the best ever laid down. To talk of her voice and songwriting talent is to enter the realm of platitudes so just allow me to say she was brilliant and a trailblazer and leave it at that. Like many great artists she had her demons and existed as a mass of contradictions: She was fragile but fierce, funny but tragic. She spent her life in the pursuit of wisdom, trying to reconcile all these disparate elements of her character – a difficult thing to do, as I know only to well. I hope she has found peace now.”

Photo: Kevin Cummins 1992