R.I.P Glenda Jackson 1936-2023

“Glenda was very supportive when we did ‘Three Sisters’ together at the Royal Court; That meant a lot as the press had been quite mean about my move into acting and getting accepted by Equity. Of course, I was a little intimidated by her as she was just so good – and so straightforward! But I put the time in and did my best; I learnt a lot working with her and that made doing the ‘Three Sisters’ an experience I’ll always value. Even though I was just starting out in the theatre it is still one of the best acting experiences I’ve had.

She was a fearless performer, and you know, so few people have the courage to stay true to themselves but Glenda did. I thought she was wonderful, and I’m very sad that she has passed on.”

Marianne and Glenda Jackson rehearsing a scene from Chekhov’s ‘Three Sisters’ at the Royal Court Theatre in London, England on April 13, 1967. Marianne portrayed Irina and Glenda Jackson as Masha. Photo by Frank Leonard Tewkesbury