R.I.P Francoise Hardy 1944-2024

“I’m so sad to hear about Françoise. Although we were very different characters, I always felt a recognition with her as we had both survived being young pop stars and graduated into careers more suited to our true selves. I got to know her a little in Paris, and I liked and admired her very much and I shall miss her. At least her suffering is over now- I think death is more terrible for the ones left behind, but let’s focus on what she left behind: the music. I loved her work – how could I not since it was so full of melancholy.”

Francoise Hardy, Jacno, and Marianne at a Reception in the halls of the ministry of culture to honor Etienne Daho who was elevated to the rank of Officer in the Order of Arts and Letters. (Photo by Bertrand Rindoff Petroff)