Released: 1966
Recorded: Decca Studio No 2, 165 Broadhurst Gardens
Producers: Mike Leander
Mixing: Gus Dudgeon
Label: DECCA

North Country Maid

Marianne Faithfull

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The U.S LP cover of Go Away From My World
The U.S LP cover of Go Away From My World with the same David Bailey image and design as her U.K debut
North Country Maid was the fourth studio album by Marianne and is generally perceived to be her best album of the 60’s. North Country Maid was released in Europe only: Marianne’s American discography during the 60s differed radically from the records she released in the UK and Europe, where her LP’s were released thematically as two pop albums and two folk albums. Her U.S releases were compiled from various Decca sessions in other configurations, and some of these L.P’s featured tracks released in advance of their European counterparts. For instance half of the songs on North Country Maid had been released months earlier in the United States on the U.S. only album Go Away from My World which replicated the artwork of her eponymous U.K. debut front and back, and contained the following tracks:

1. Go Away From My World

2. Yesterday

3. Come My Way

4. Last Thing On My Mind
5. How Should True Love

6. Wild Mountain Thyme

7. Summer Nights

8. Mary Ann
9. Scarborough Fair
11.North Country Maid
12.Sally Free And Easy

North Country Maid Musicians: Jon Mark guitar; Mick Taylor guitar; Jim Sullivan sitar, sarod, surburha, 12-string guitar; Chris Karan tabla.

Arrangements: Jon Mark and Mick Taylor.