Live In Hollywood


from Live In Hollywood

  1. She

(Angelo Badalamenti, Marianne Faithfull)

She lives alone with no one
Who can see she’s unhappy.
She knows what she lost,
Still she is waiting for more.

She could be living in hell
And not know someone loves her.
What can she do,
What is she waiting for ?

The day turns to night
He just can’t find the right words to tell her
Twisting and turning and looking for
Something to say.

If you would let me hold you
I wouldn’t walk away
That’s what he wants,
That’s what he wants to say.

What can she lose,
What is she waiting for ?
He knows when she cries
And he saw through the lies that she told him.

She’s dreaming and planning
Of how she could ask him to stay.
If you would let me love you,
I wouldn’t be the same.

Please can we try,
Please can we try again ?