Message from Marianne to her fans

To my dear friends and fans, what can I tell you except what a fucking pickle I am in?! It is incredible that I’ve been going around with a dodgy hip for 8 months and doing these wonderful shows which I loved. Half of it was a nightmare – the pain – but the band, the crew, the music, the songs, the shows, the audiences were just wonderful and it makes me very sad that we have to postpone everything and I can’t go back to my lovely music again until probably September, I really have to be well this time. I have to admit that I would really like to feel great and I’m going to work on that as soon as the operation is done. The infection is a completely ordinary one that was obviously picked up on the operation table in Greece but there’s no use in crying over spilt milk – it was a bad luck accident and a bad luck scene. I have to just get over that and forget about it and move on. Don’t forget me. Don’t forget the beautiful record. I am writing songs, I’ve already written one and I have several ideas, but they aren’t very angry. They are very emotional which is how I feel at the moment. I have complete faith in my surgeon and my doctors and everything is going to be all right. I know it. I feel it. So I will see you in September. With all my love, Marianne x