Marianne releases a live collection called ‘No Exit’

For her 50th anniversary as a singer Marianne releases a special treat for her fans: ‘No Exit’, a ‘best of’ collection of live performances recorded all over Europe on her last tour. The release also includes the 2014 Budapest concert DVD and 4 highlights from her 2016 performance at the Roundhouse in London.

“I spent most of my life on the road. This last tour has been exceptional, full of emotions, joy and thrill. Surrounded by the band whom I recorded my previous album with, ‘No Exit’ is the faithful reflection of months spent together on stage. I hope you will have as much pleasure hearing it as we had pleasure performing it.”
Marianne Faithfull - No Exit - web

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‘No Exit’ release formats:
1. CD+DVD (0211515EMU) Jewel Case format
2. Blu-ray+CD (0211518EMU) DVD case format
3. DVD+CD (0211517EMU) DVD case format
4. Vinyl (0211519EMU)

CD Tracklisting
1. Intro (live)
2. Falling Back
3. The Price Of Love
4. Love, More Or Less
5. As Tears Go By
6. Mother Wolf
7. Sister Morphine
8. Late Victorian Holocaust
9. Sparrows Will Sing
10. The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan

Blu-ray and DVD
Live in Budapest (Recorded 15.12.2014)

1. Give my Love to London
2. Falling back
3. Broken English
4. Witches Song
5. Price of Love
6. Marathon Kiss
7. Love More or Less
8. As Tears Go By
9. Come and Stay With Me
10. Mother Wolf
11. Sister Morphine
12. Late Victorian Holocaust
13. Sparrows Will Sing
14. The Ballad of Lucy Jordan
15. Who Will Take my Dreams Away
16. Last Song

Bonus tracks
Extract from live in London (Roundhouse 02.02.2016)

1. Give My Love to London
2. It’s All Over Now Baby Blue
3. Late Victorian Holocaust
4. Sister Morphine

Rob Ellis: Musical Director / Drums / Synthesizer / Backing Vocals
Jonny Bridgewood: Bass
Ed Harcourt: Piano / Synthesizer / Backing Vocals
Rob Mcvey: Electric and Acoustic Guitar / Backing Vocals