Marianne interview in Love Love magazine

Marianne has given an exclusive interview to LOVE LOVE, an independent print magazine based in Paris. It brings together textual and visual artists from around the world for a creative explosion of new visions in poetry, photography, illustration, collage art and music in a bi-annual publication.

The magazine is mainly in English, but features French texts and translations. It’s main collaborator and patron is Gerard Malanga, poet and photographer, first assistant to Andy Warhol from 1963-70, co-creator of Interview magazine and choreographer of the Velvet Underground. The magazine’s creator & editor in chief is Lisa Marie Järlborn, Swedish born illustrator, graphic designer, translator & filmmaker.

Love Love #7 The Psychedelic Animal issue features Marianne on the cover in a charming portrait holding a cat with heterochromatic eyes! The magazine is in A4 format and is 60 pages long. It comes in an all black and white version, and in a color cover version, which is screen-printed by hand in the Paris atelier by chief editor Lisa Marie Jarlborn. The magazine will hit the streets on November 23rd 2023 but you can pre-order your copy here.