‘Give My Love To London’ is getting excellent reviews in the UK

Her finest album since Broken English – ★★★★★ - Daily Express, Her gravelly voice imbues the collection with passion, regret and icy contempt -★★★★ – The Observer, A return to form – ★★★★ – The Independent, A spirited and engaging album – ★★★★ - Daily Mirror, A return to form - ★★★★ – Financial Times, ★★★★ - Sunday Express, A vision of revolution – ★★★★ - The Guardian, She has made her masterpiece 9/10Classic Rock, Her most cohesive work in 35 years - 8/10 - NME, Faithfull is at her most lyrically caustic since the pivotal Broken English - 8/10Uncut, The Baroness of Bohemia is still blazing away - ★★★★– MOJO, A grippingly dramatic, latterday-Leonard-Cohen-alike masterpiece - ★★★★– Q, Late-period career peak - ★★★★- Record Collector, An often beautiful and varied album - ★★★★- Metro, Faithfull demonstrates why she is one of the definitive British recording artists- ★★★★★- So So Gay Buy it now Marianne-Faithfull-Give-My-Love-To-London-cover-ret-web2